Welcome to St Patrick’s Catholic School Latrobe

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Support Programs

Our early literacy intervention program encourages parent participation through listening to children read before classes begin for the day. Students from older classes also listen to younger students prior to school. This support program focuses on reading, spelling including initial sounds, and blends and phonic awareness.

Support is provided to St Patrick’s Catholic School as part of the Catholic Education Tasmania student support program. Students requiring educational assessment, speech and language therapy, psychological or social work support are able to access these services via the support program. CatholicCare school counsellors also provide support to students and families on request.

School-wide positive behaviour support

Our School behaviour management policy and subsequent processes were reviewed in early 2017. At the commencement of the school year all classes establish class agreements and develop an awareness of their rights and responsibilities as student members of our community.


If you require more information on any of the support programs available to students and their families, please contact the School.